How To eat and digest your food 

eat and digest food
  1. Use your teeth to chop and crush food into small pieces.
  2. Release watery, slimy saliva into your mouth from the salivary glands. Try not to dribble!
  3. Really put your food through the mix, using your tongue to swill it in saliva and push it onto the throat for swallowing.
  4. Squeeze food along your oesophagus, running from your throat to your stomach.
  5. With food in your stomach, churn it into creamy liquid chyme (partially digested food).
  6. Release bile from your liver and process any digested food here, storing some of the nutrients and dispatching the rest to the body's cells.
  7. Squirt bile, stored in your gall bladder, into the small intestine to help digest any fats.
  8. From your pancreas, release more digestive enzymes into the small intestine for breaking down food even further.
  9. With semi-digested chyme working its way through your sausage-shaped small intestine, absorb any remaining nutrients into your blood, Whice speeds them along to the liver for processing.
  10. With food-remnants now entering the final part of your digestive system-the large intestine-absorb any water from them into the blood leaving behind solid faeces.
  11. Store the faeces in your rectum until such time as you can get to a toilet.
  12. And now open your anus, pushing the faeces out of your body. Job done!